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For progress and success: practice, practice, practice. Know the Basic Vocabulary/Questions, the latest vocabulary and story (found in the Class Files). All students need access to a Spanish/English Dictionary at home (when searching for verbs, remember to look for the infinitive form). We recommend the Larousse Student Dictionary, ISBN 978-2035-420657.  For extra practice and support, go to the links below.


If you are absent, practice the most recent vocabulary and story, and do any assigned homework. Also, read Spanish for 15 minutes for each class period missed, then record it on a Reading Log (see Class Files). You can read bilingual books and materials, or try the reading practice and online practice links below.

Cell Phone Policy -- Cell phones remain in lockers during the school day.

My email address is (It is more efficient than contacting me through SchoolFusion.)

Our Class Rules

Take care of yourself.

 Take care of each other. 

Take care of our school and environment.

Take responsibility for your learning, so that you achieve results.

Discussion Topics
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